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Michigan’s leading septic tank service provider

Family owned and operated for 35 years

You can trust in a reliable and professional company that acts with integrity. We get the job done right the first time. From problems with poor drainage to a complete septic tank installation, we handle it all so you don't have to.

Our quality customer services are next to none. Give Hunt's Septic Tank Service a call today for all of your septic needs. (269) 683-4757


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Reliable Septic Tank Services 

Regardless of your septic problem; whether it be poor drainage, backups, clogged leach lines, excess water, or bad odors, we can help. We have built a reputation on being successful and following through on all projects. 

There is no job too small or too complicated. If you've been let down by other companies, give us a try. Our highly trained technicians can handle any spetic problem. 

We specialize in: 

  • Clean septic
  • Tank installation 
  • Repairs
  • Excavating (septic only)
  • Septic pumping repair
  • Test hole excavation
  • Septic system design
  • Fill matieral 
  • Tank pumping 
  • Replace drain lines
  • Removal of old spetic tank
  • Installation of new septic tank
  • Leaching systems
  • Soil absorption area

We service a wide range of makes, models and brands of equipment for your residential or commercial property. Emergency services are also available. Give us a call as soon as a problem arises, and we will respond as quickly as possible. (269) 683-4757



Tank Pumping

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Keep your septic system well-maintained and long lasting
Prevent costly septic system problems
In order to keep your septic system working properly, call Hunts Septic Tank Service to schedule maintenance services. 

Save money in the long run by keeping your system properly working. If not, it may be possible your system could have solid waste enter the septic drain fields that will cause the entire septic system to stop working. 

Have you witnessed signs of a failed field? Signs include: 

Excessive grass growth over the leach field
Water build up may occur if you have low lying sections of the leach field
Grass will become mushy in some areas
Grass will then die and actual waste will appear causing black mushy areas
The smell of sewage will be present
Lastly, the entire field will have to be replaced, costing more money than if you were to simply have it maintained and pumped. 

Prevent having to replace an entire failed field that will cost you more money. Prevent inconvenient, unpleasant septic tank problems by having your septic tank regularly maintained by Hunts Septic Tank Service. It is important to pump out the sludge that sits at the bottom of your septic tank to make sure there is a healthy level of good bacteria to break the waste down. Call today! 

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